Cecilia Erazo-Fritz, A.P.

“There Is No Substitute For Quality”…

Cecilia Erazo-Fritz is a Florida licensed Acupuncture Physician. She is a Primary Care Provider whose specialty is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease using natural health care. Offering a general practice for both chronic and acute diseases, she treats individuals of all ages and health status.

Her scope of practice includes Acupuncture and other Chinese medical techniques which are based on restoring the patient’s innate ability to stay healthy, return and restore to balance in body, mind and emotions. When the physical, mental and/or emotional bodies functions becomes disturbed, the role of the trained Acupuncture Physician is to be a healing partner and advocate to use Chinese Medicine and Natural Medicine to find and correct imbalances which then allows for a natural return to health and well-being effectively and enjoyably.

“Natural Forces within us… are the True Healers of Disease”
 “Balance in All Things…
And in Balance…All Things Become Possible”
 Oriental Wisdom and Mind-Body Medicine Axiom

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